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Honeywell Quality Issues

We have noticed that over the past year that the quality of Honeywell products have declined tremendously. This seems to have coincided with their rebranding of their brand to Resideo Technologies. Honeywell had always been known as a leader in quality and innovation when it came to HVAC products. Over the years a number of manufacturers have entered the HVAC controls marketplace. Among those are Nest, and Ecobee. Both of these appear to be reliable products. Another name in the thermostat world is White Rogers (part of Emerson Climate Technologies). They have been making thermostats and circuit boards for a very long time. We have recently installed some of the Sensi thermostats that are developed by Emerson / White Rogers. The Sensi thermostats appear to be a very solid product with a number of features that customers enjoy such as WiFi, dehumidification, auto-changeover, and touch screen interfaces. They also have a user friendly smart phone app.

For the time being we are going to suspend the installation of Honeywell products for our customers until Resideo Technologies can prove that they are able to produce a high quality product once again. Therefore, we will install Emerson, Nest, and Ecobee for our customers for the foreseeable future. We want your HVAC system to be reliable, and we know that we can only give you a high level of reliability by using only the best, most reliable products.


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